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Mercury Email Messenger

Mercury Email is web based, hosted, email marketing and autoresponder system that allows you to create, send and track profitable email campaigns and autoresponders. It is the perfect choice for businesses looking to send email campaigns, newsletters, welcome emails, special promotions, autoresponders and more to their leads, contacts and customers.

Producing the best results from your direct email campaign software requires knowledge, expertise and using advanced technology and cutting edge features. Mercury Email provides a flexible email marketing system that will enable you to increase revenues, enhance brands, strengthen customer relationships and streamline sales and marketing processes.

Build your own email campaigns

create and send stunning email campaigns

Build your own email campaigns using the step-by-step campaign builder or choose from and customize over 35 professionally designed, industry-specific email templates.

Build your own email campaigns

browser-based contact management

Add contacts to your contact lists one-by-one or import existing contacts from your any CRM, email program or database using a point and click web-based interface.

Build your own email campaigns

follow up with autoresponders

Follow up with prospects automatically and on time using personalized auto-responders while increasing response rates and conversion rates.

Build your own email campaigns

personalize your email campaigns

Personalize every email you send with your contact's details such as their name, company details, interests and other personal information.

Build your own email campaigns

filter contacts before sending

Send targeted emails to your contacts based on their interests and previous history using custom filters and personalization options.

Build your own email campaigns

add web to lead forms on your website

Generate leads directly from your website using the step-by-step web to lead form generator to add lead sign up forms to your website in minutes.

Build your own email campaigns

integrated bounce management

Processed bounced emails across your lists automatically and even define your own bounce rules.

Build your own email campaigns

Track click-thrus and email open

Improve and optimize your email campaigns by tracking open rates and click-thru rates over time, as well as detailed per-campaign reports and statistics.

Non multa, sed multum
Not quantity but quality