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home weather at Mansfield, Ontario

Weather is updated every fifteen minutes between 0700 & 1900 Eastern Time (-5 [-4 Daylight Saving])

Current Weather
Temperature 0.5  C
Humidity 51%
Dew point -8.5  C
Wind NNW at 1.7 kt
Barometer 1013.6  mb & Steady
Today's Rain 0.0  mm
Rain Rate 0.0  mm/hr
Storm Total 0.0  mm
Monthly Rain 0.8  mm
Yearly Rain 77.6  mm
Wind Chill -2.6  C
THW Index -3.1  C
Heat Index 0.0  C
Today's Highs/Lows
High Temperature 0.8  C at 4:32p
Low Temperature -8.7  C at 3:25a
High Humidity 74% at 2:16a
Low Humidity 49% at 4:33p
High Dew point -7.2  C at 1:47p
Low Dew point -13.3  C at 3:21a
High Wind Speed 16.5  kt at 1:12p
High Barometer 1013.8  mb at 10:08a
Low Barometer 1012.4  mb at 6:11a
High Rain Rate 0.0  mm/hr at ----
Low Wind Chill -8.9  C at 3:25a
High Heat Index 0.6  C at 4:32p
Increasing clouds with little temperature change.
Station ID
44 18' 00" N
80 00' 00" W
Elev: 850 ft
Lastest update 03/21/18
9:55p (UTC)
5:51p (ET)
Sunrise 7:21a
Sunset 7:34p
Mansfield weather

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