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Our Banner Advertising Service has been designed to meet all your banner serving, and online advertising needs. By supporting features like trackable rich media ads, detailed reports, keywords support and even geographic targeting, the we will greatly simplify your advertising tasks while maximizing your advertising revenues.

No software to install

No software to install

Our service is a hosted solution meaning that there is no software for you to download or install. You do not waste your time sorting figuring out complex web code. Simply send us a copy of your advertisement and we take care of the rest.


Complete Stats and Reports

Statistics are real-time and available 24x7. Log into your password-protected account and reports can be viewed as HTML or exported to EXCEL.

Rich Media

Supports all type of rich media ads

We support the use of graphic files (GIFs, Animated GIFs, JPEGs, PNGs), Text and HTML banners, Flash ads, Java Applets, Rich Media banners, and third-party ad agency code.

Ad Revenue

Track Ad Revenue

Pass the costs along to your advertisers using our ad revenue tracking feature. Set a cost per impression, cost per click, cost per sale or a flat rate and follow the revenue build in real time with our revenue tracking feature.


Keywords Support

Define keywords for your ads that will trigger their display. This option is especially useful if you use it on a search results page to boost your target effectiveness. Keywords can be search terms or even product numbers.

Geographic targeting

Geographic targeting & Weighting

Easily target your banners by country so that only users from specific regions get shown their targeted ads. Ads can be weighted, so some ads are displayed more often (or less) than others. You can even configure the number of impressions of each banner per day.


Track the Return On Investment (ROI).

Check how many of your displayed ads turned into a sale. By pasting a simple code on the "Thank you" pages (after a sale or signup) we can track the sales derived from your ads.


Advanced Banner Scheduling

Define a start and ending dates for your banner rotation. You can even have "Default" Banners to rotate when there are no active banners in rotation. Set specific months, weekdays, days and hours for your ads to be shown. You can also define the exact time that the ad should begin and finish its rotation schedule.

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