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Digital Publishing

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Digital Publications interactively encourages your readers to spend more time viewing your publication. It is minimalist in style and automatically tunes to the reader’s screen resolution.


  • Utilizes page-flipping technology
  • Turn pages by clicking or dragging the corners
  • Turn pages by use of navigation keys in the panel
  • Click-navigate in the publication through an active table of contents
  • Zoom on each page
  • Zoom on extra levels of the page by using the mouse wheel
  • Navigate horizontally on the zoom pages by moving the mouse
  • Navigate vertically on zoom pages in landscape format by moving the mouse


  • Index of all pages in the publication
  • Include a table of contents with links to other pages within the publication
  • Active web & email links
  • Embed video, audio & flash
  • Link to your existing products catalogue
  • Code links to work with dynamic, database generated content

Optional settings

  • Download the entire publication or selected pages as a PDF
  • Print the entire publication or selected page in high quality
  • Forward an interesting article or a good offer to a friend by e-mail
  • Cut an image or an article out of the publication and send it by e-mail
  • Add coupons, sign-up for newsletters or evaluation forms directly in the publication
  • Limit readership by IP filter or Username/Password
Tempora mutantur, nos et mutamur in illis
The times change, and we change with them
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